Better evidence for a better world

Improving societal outcomes through the production and use of timely, trustworthy and affordable evidence.

How our society works increasingly lags behind the evidence of what works

Existing approaches to synthesizing science into actionable insights are slow, incomplete or expensive resulting in decisions based on out-of-date, inaccurate or insufficient evidence. This must change if society is to address its many challenges.

Alive is an alliance of organizations and individuals from across the evidence ecosystem focused on delivering the evidence needed for a better world. We are building and testing a collaborative model of evidence production that delivers up-to-date, trustworthy and affordable evidence to evidence users.

Our collaborative model produces better evidence on a topic because of four core attributes

Graph illustrating the living evidence model. It shows the Alive logo in the center as step 1 and steps 2 to 4 in different colors in the circle outlining the logo.


Living production → Up-to-date

Living synthesis produces evidence that is always available and always up-to-date, enabling evidence users to share evidence irrespective of their timing needs. This is important because mismatched timing needs have been a major barrier to effective collaboration.


User collaboration → Affordable

Evidence users with common evidence needs source evidence as a consortium to reduce their individual costs of evidence and enable more widespread use of evidence in decision-making.


Supply coordination → Trustworthy

Shared procurement coordinates evidence production so evidence is “produced once, used many times” and consolidates funding so producers can afford the resources to comprehensively synthesise large quantities of research.


Better evidence → More impact

Attracts more evidence users, which further improves the affordability and trustworthiness of the evidence and amplifies its impact.

Get in touch to learn more about our model and how it works.

Alive is led by a diverse mix of individuals and organizations from across the evidence ecosystem. Our peak governance body, the Council, comprises people with different ecosystem roles, topic specialties, and geographic, ethnic, gender and linguistic backgrounds.

John Lavis - headshot
John N. Lavis

Director, McMaster Health Forum. John supports efforts to address health and broader social challenges using the best available research evidence and insights from citizens, professionals, organisational leaders and government policymakers.

Laura Boeira - headshot
Laura dos Santos Boeira
Deputy Chair

Executive Director, Instituto Veredas. Laura has experience in the public sector as a technical analyst of social policies, engaging civil society and working in networks.

Julian Elliott - headshot
Julian Elliott

Founder, Future Evidence Foundation. Julian is one of the world’s leading researchers in the use of technology for evidence synthesis and developed the Living Evidence model.

Gillian Leng - headshot
Gillian Leng CBE

President, Royal Society of Medicine. Gillian has worked in academia, as a doctor, and in public service, to support quality improvement and educational initiatives using evidence-based guidelines and policy.

Rich Jeremiah - headshot
Richard Jeremiah

General Manager, Future Evidence Foundation. Richard guides strategy and digital product management and builds and leads large teams to deliver breakthrough customer outcomes.

Britta - headshot
Britta Tendal Jeppesen

Chief Scientist, Future Evidence Foundation.  Britta has a background in academia as well as public service and works to move collaboration and efficient use of evidence forward.

Ruth Stewart

Director of Alive, Future Evidence Foundation. Ruth works to ensure that evidence is useful and used. She pioneered the idea of evidence networks, and founded the vibrant Africa Evidence Network. She is passionate about finding collaborative solutions to enable the evidence ecosystem to live up to its potential to tackle the world’s big problems.

Ruth Puttick

Governance Lead, Future Evidence Foundation. Ruth advises governments, foundations and other organisations around the world on how to more effectively incorporate evidence of impact into decision making.

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